Winnie Liu, mother of two boys, founded Jazzies, LLC in 2007 and created the Jazzy Toes Collection, after noticing the limitation of clothing designs for boys. The market today offers a larger selection for girls than boys.

This led her to team up with industrial designer Raymond Hwang to design Jazzy Toes.

In her words :

"When I was pregnant with my first son, I set off to find the perfect outfits for my expectant bundle of joy. And it seemed no matter what store I went to, there was always more of a selection for girls than boys. So after I gave birth to my second son, I decided to do something about it.”

The team started with socks, because socks are something that every baby needs. It is also a good gift item, since it is cute and practical. Babies can always use extra pair of socks.

Jazzy Toes’ goal is to provide unique and stylish products for both boys and girls, while expanding the range and selection for boys. Each design comes with a unique style for both boys and girls, so if you have twins, they can match well with the socks, for example wingtips for boys, and spectators for girls.

All the socks come with a non-skid grip that helps baby to walk.

In addition, Jazzy Toes also wanted to make the gifting experience more convenient. Jazzy Toes has designed a ready-to-mail gift box, so you only need to write the address, add a stamp, and it is ready to mail. The special packaging also saves on wrapping paper and costs, hence the trees and environment.


From 0-24 months

Baby socks