Daisy Doodles

Daisy Doodle Diapers are carefully made by Christa in North Carolina, USA.

The Bikini Bottoms™ Diapering System was designed when no other cloth diapers Christa found suited her child’s needs. She was looking for something ultra-trim and leakproof that wouldn’t cut into the top of her baby’s chunky thighs but was still cute and economical.

Christa had come across the very common Cloth Diapering problem where children's clothes were cut too tight to accomodate cloth diapered babies. She didn’t want my daughter’s clothing options to be limited just because she chose to cloth diaper, so she got to work getting around the problem.

She also don’t like pocket-style diapers because a new diaper had to be used with each change, which was way too expensive for her budget.

So, after much trial and error, Bikini Bottoms™ were created - a trim, flexible system that will fit under regular children clothing.