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Brand: Source


The ultimate lightweight, flexible and durable water bottle.

Folds flat when empty and stands stable when full.

So strong that it withstands freezing and boiling.

Wideneck easy opening access, user friendly Widepack Slide Closure. Easy to fill, clean, drain or insert ice. Airtight seals


Color: Blue


This listing is for 1 x 4L bottle

Guaranteed to be taste free (leave the bottle in your car in a hot day, and the water will still taste just like water - not like plastic or metal).

Completely BPA free



A high tech co-extruded film & tube retains pure liquid taste with no plastic flavor.

Bacteria-Free Grunge-Guard

Anti-microbial technology blocks bacteria growth for the life of the system.


Liner technology prevents bio-film build-up, system is self-cleaning. Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) surface analysis shows that Source�s Glass-Like film is 1000% smoother then that of competitors using PU films with only a 50% difference from glass itself.


Glass-Like technology combined with Grunge-Guard technology represent a new generation in hydration system where cleaning is no longer an issue. Simply refill and drink again and again without special care. The same water will remain fresh for days and even weeks.

Source Liquitainer Flexible Foldable Water Bottle | 4L | Free Shipping Worldwide

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