The AngelPack story.

In November 2003 I had my new baby girl, there I was, a new mother, one little piece of me who meant the world to me. I wanted to protect her, love her and give her all of my best. I wanted to be home with her, despite my plans to run to college and work at the same time. So I stayed home and thought of ways to help sustain our little family, we lived in Miami with a big mortgage, car payments and one income. Through that daddy worked very hard putting in two jobs and sometimes three to support us. At that time I decided to make cloth diapers and maybe sell them on eBay. I had sewn before so maybe this was a good fit, I try making our diapers and that wasn’t pretty, but I did make our slings and a mei tai that cough the attention of my friends and the shop keeper at my favorite fabric shop. She was the one to point out to me that I should make that thing to sell, she was in awe. And so I did, I made some for my neighbors who would walk with us (My baby and I) at the park while we were all trying to lose the baby weight. I had my baby strapped on me all the time.