I Don't Need No TV, I Don't Need No Phone

When I first heard Casey Adams' 'Simple Life', it took me back to when I was a rebellious 16 year old who stated that all I wanted was a simple life. I brashly declared that having too much bred mental strife, I just wanted to K.I.S.S. I was a teenager who had it all back then, you say, so I could afford to make rash renunciations of materialism. Flash-forward a couple of decades later when the love of my life burst onto the scene. For a while, I couldn't afford a TV. We played, we sang, we read books, we made playdough, we interacted, we were happy. It suddenly occurred to me that my somewhat rash teenage declaration still holds true today. I still don't want nor need much. It also led me to an even more eye-opening realisation ... children BENEFIT from not having much.

What prompted me to really think about this issue was a blog I read which stated, 'In some ways, life is easier when you are poor than when you can afford an apartment or house with more than one room'. I thought about my cute little Kampung Sungai Penchala 'studio apartment' - I could walk from the 'bedroom' through the 'lounge' to the ‘kitchen’ in a minute and cook our meals while watching my little one play. I was always in view of her, so she never got anxious. We led a simple life with peace of mind and a chance to bond in everything we did.