4 factors to consider when buying a plush toy.

March 6, 2017


Teddy bears or stuffed toys have been the quintessential companion for children since the late 19th century. Plush teddy bears are a classic that many of us grew up with, regardless of gender. But today if one is looking to buy teddy bears online you’ll be swamped with choices. Cheap products from China have infiltrated the market, I’m not saying that China products can’t be high in quality, it is just that many manufacturers who are looking to cut corners for profit maximisation forget to put the end user’s requirements at heart.  


The factors we should look into are safety, durability, functionality and design. I found the Zoobies plush toy not only looks like a regular soft toy but also has multiple other functions such as a pillow and contains a warm fleecy blanket too is of great use during travel. We tested it ourselves and our kids love it. As a parent it is a great to see your kid use the total functionality of an item you bought for them, it feels like money well spent. My son's favourite "monkey teddy bear" as he calls it is Curious George. It is essential for travel now, in fact, we have two for each kid.


Although the Zoobies are EU - EN71 (EU) and USA - ASTM F963 (USA) child safety certified, we're going to put a zoobie through our 4 point test. Thanks to Tiny Tapir for sponsoring us with a free zoobies for test purpose.



- Sharp point and sharp edge verification

Almost all Zoobies don't have a sharp or pointy part, except for maybe the unicorn, however, even that is blunt and unable to cause any harm.


-Small parts verification

We didn't find any small parts that can get swallowed by children.

Zoobies baby comes with a teether, awesome for babies that are teething.


-Age appropriateness

Zoobies books - 0-4


Zoobies baby - 0 - 4


Zoobies regular - 4 upwards