6 pcs Print Bouncy Baby Cloth Diaper/One Size Pocket Diaper. Set of 6pcs Diapers. 4x Print colors as seen in photo. (BUY AS IS SECTION)

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Brand-Bouncy Baby One Size Pocket Diaper.

What you get; SET of 6x Bouncy Baby diapers + 6x Bouncy Baby Microfiber single layer inserts/optional if stock is available.

Bouncy baby Microfiber Insert can fit Grovia diapers too.

Available in 4 different prints - We are SOLD OUT for Lion design. We still have stock for Green Star, Red Star and Black Fern. Please choose your designs upon purchase and state in comments in your invoice.

This Bouncy Baby One Size Pocket Diaper includes;

High quality soft breathable PUL and long lasting elastic at waist back and legs.

Double layer of snaps at waist allows better fitting and minimizes wing droop.

Alova Suede cloth inner provides stay dry action against your baby's skin.

Our Bouncy Baby Microfiber inserts are made of 55% hemp / 45% cotton. Microfiber Cotton fleece will not get stiff / moldy, and our unique design (open at the base) allows for thorough cleaning and quick drying. Microfiber is considered by most to be the THIRSTIEST natural material available and our insert are specially designed for the humid Malaysian weather to be quick drying while still providing great absorbency.

2 Flexible Ways to using the Microfiber inserts.

Outside the pocket: Microfiber Inserts are flexible to use & change when soiled with pocket diapers. It can be place on top of inner diaper lining rather than inside the pocket. This way you ONLY have to change the microfiber inserts when soiled or dirty. The diaper shell or cover if not soiled or stained can be re-used again and again. All that is required is to change the soiled or stained Microfiber inserts only.

Inside the pocket: If you choose to place the Microfiber inserts inside the pocket than you would need to change the whole diaper when soiled.

You can always get a Set of 6pcs Microfiber inserts at a special discount for change and re-use.

Fits most newborns up to 3 years of age depending on baby size.

PROUDLY Made in Malaysia with LOVE.

Please Note: About the TPU Lining. There maybe some cracking taking place with TPU pocket diapers. This is bound to happen eventually due to weather & humidity with TPU pocket diapers. Wash before use. However the diapers are Brand-new and good to go for at least 3-4 yrs of wash & re-use. That’s a lot of savings on using disposable diapers and filling the landfills with waste.

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