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Bouncy Baby Insert Bamboo Hemp, Cotton & Stay-Dry Microfiber Single Layer Inserts. 6x pcs. Suitable for Grovia shell diapers & other diaper brands that need a lampin.

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Product Details
Brand: Bouncy Baby Microfiber single layer

6pcs - Bouncy Baby Microfiber Single Layer Inserts.

  • 1 x Bamboo Hemp insert (single layer tri-fold to make 3 layers of thirsty hemp)
  • 1 x Microfiber insert with Stay-Dry layer
  • Fits grovia diapers minus the snap. High Quality Materials.
  • Can use Mild powder or liquid detergent.

Alova Suedecloth inner provides stay dry action against your baby's skin.

Our Bamboo Hemp inserts are made of 55% hemp / 45% cotton. Bamboo Hemp / Cotton fleece will not get stiff. You may notice some minor discoloration however after frequent washes it will disappear. This is common with microfiber hemp inserts. Our unique design (open at the base) allows for thorough cleaning and quick drying. Bamboo Hemp is considered by most to be the THIRSTIEST natural material available and our insert is specially designed for the humid Malaysian weather to be quick drying while still providing great absorbency.

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