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Disana Knitted Nappy. Pack of 6x pcs.

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Product Description:

Disana Knitted Nappy. Pack of 6x pcs.

Disana Knitted Nappy - From Birth to End of Nappy Time.

The Disana knitted nappy is often referred to as a nappy and ultimately represents a further development of the so-called Italian nappy. Thanks to the elasticity of the knitted fabric used, the Disana knitted nappy not only withstands wild rompers but also easily allows the first attempts of your baby to stand and walk. The Disana knitted nappy always stays on the body of your baby during almost all activities and reliably holds the nappy pack in place. Thanks to its special shape, the Disana knitted nappy is wonderfully easy to put on, fits from birth and grows easily over the following months and years.

The Disana knitted nappy is made of very absorbent cotton (kbA) and impressed us with its particularly high quality and workmanship, because one thing is clear: no textile is washed as often as it is dried and reused as a washable nappy.

Disana Knitted Nappy - Changing Instructions.

Spread the Disana knitted nappy in front of you on the changing table. The narrow front part is folded up to the straps. If your baby is still very small, you can shorten the knitted nappy by folding the upper nappy rim and thus adjust the size. Now place the molleton insert on it.

Your baby will be placed on the nappy pack. First, the insert between the legs is pulled upwards.

2x video instructions on how to use these Knitted Diapers. Check it out!

1. FREE: 1x pack of 3x pcs Disana Raw Silk Liners. HIGHLY Recommended for Knitted Nappies WORTH RM45.

5x types of Inserts that are also suitable for these Knitted Nappies. SOLD separately.

These are alternative inserts or soaker pads that can also be used.

2. 1x pcs GR soaker pad RM10.

3. 1x pcs Coolababy RM9.

4. 6x pcs Premie RM48.

5. 6x pcs Thirsties Prefold. RM108.

Care Instructions:

Preferably Hand Wash or gentle machine wash with household detergent. Advisable to use a laundry net bag for machine wash. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry.

Made in Germany.

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