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Ellaroo Mei Hip (Helsinki) Baby Carrier

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Brand: Ellaroo Mei Hip baby carrier

BRAND: Ellaroo Mei Hip Baby Carier.

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About the product

  • Easy-adjust buckles at the shoulder and waist (optional)
  • 100% cotton/hemp/natural fibers, with organic cotton batting.
  • Designed for comfortable use from head control to 35 lbs.
  • Baby can be moved toward the back for short periods, just as with a ring sling.
  • The wide shoulder strap spreads baby's weight over a wide area, eliminating pressure points.

This very innovative Ellaroo Mei Hip Baby Carrier combines some of the most important benefits between the baby sling and the baby carrier. A baby sling is versatile but may lack support around the waist, which is excellent for resting baby's weight without putting too much strain on a wearer's shoulders. Others find it a brilliant solution with its easy-adjust buckles instead of fumbling with ring slings.

The Ellaroo Mei Hip was actually developed by a mother in search for the perfect hip carrier. Her solution has allowed even those with neck and back problems to wear their babies and toddlers comfortably on the hip. Made in India with 100% organic natural fibres.

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