GROVIA AIO (All-in-One) Cloth Lot of 4pcs Cloth Diapers Washable.

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Brand: Grovia

We are SOLD OUT for most AIO colors & designs.

Now Available 5x colors & designs ONLY (Nature, Modflower, Vanilla, Persimmon & Cosmos). Ice Sold Out.

OPTIONAL: FREE GIFT Mountain Green Softener 2x bottles & 2x refill packs. Self-Pickup or customers can arrange Lalamove car/bike or Mr. Speedy car/bike pickup with diaper order for KL only.


GroVia™ Cloth All-In-Ones have a super absorbent, organic cotton inner with a soft layer of water resistant TPU outer.

No stuffing, no doublers!!

What do you get when you combine ultra soft organic cotton with stretchy wings and a side snap design? The PERFECT diaper!!

  • Stretchy tabs for a perfect fit
  • Trim one size design that grows with baby
  • No cover required
  • Quick dry design Use
  • Simply adjusts rise snaps as needed and fasten on baby.
  • Use snap in soaker for older babies or heavy wetters.
  • When soiled start fresh with a new diaper.

Fairly and conscientiously made in China

Our unique design fits babies 10-35+lbs

Suitable from newborn babies upto 2-3years of age.


The stretch side panels and cotton inner make this ideal trainer pants for potty learning kids who want a "pull up and pull down" pant

Diaper Preparation (This is an important step...don't skip it!!)

Warm water wash with detergent and tumble dry 2-3 times before use.

They will continue to gain more absorbency as you wash them.

Washing instruction:

Remove as much solid matter as possible

Place soiled diaper in a dry diaper pail - no soaking necessary

Wash every 2 days on warm with detergent Tumble dry 2-3 times if necessary

Do NOT use bleach, enzyme cleaners. Mountain Green fabric softener available at our store.

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