GroVia Newborn All-in-One (AIO) - Newborn Pack of 8pcs ONLY. Select your 8 designs. Infant cloth diapers. Box Packaging for girls only/Loose pcs. Boy/Neutral.

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Grovia AIO for Newborn. Pack of 8pcs. SOLD Loose & Box packaging. Choose your designs & indicate upon checkout in your invoice. Infant cloth diapers. SOLD as Loose pcs for Boy/Neutral. Box packaging only available for Girls. If designs are not available upon purchase we will advise you what is available via wattsapp for replacement.

Most designs SOLD OUT.

Last 4x Designs available now for Newborn Loose pcs: 2x robot, Modflower, Owl, Plane.

These GroVia™ Cloth All-In-Ones fit newborn babies from 6lbs - 12lbs perfectly! Infant up to 9mths-1yr. Depending on baby size. Suitable for premature babies too.

They have a super absorbent, organic cotton inner with a soft layer of water resistant TPU outer.

  • Diaper Inner: Organic Cotton Soaker Pad, Cotton Lining
  • Outer: Water Resistant TPU
  • No Cover Needed
  • Made fairly & conscientiously in China

Washing instructions:

• Remove as much solid matter as possible
• Place soiled diaper in a dry diaper pail - no soaking necessary
• Wash everyday on warm wash with light household detergent Tumble dry 2-3 times if necessary.
• Do NOT use bleach, enzyme cleaners. Can use Mild soap powder or liquid detergent. Organic softener available at our store as FREE GIFT.

Note : Some of the designs may not be available now/SOLD OUT, we will update you with photo on current designs available before delivery.

How to use

• Simply snap on baby and go. It's that easy!
• When soiled start fresh with a new diaper.

Diaper Preparation (This is an important step...don't skip it!)
Machine warm wash 2 times at least before first use with diaper-friendly powder or liquid detergent and tumble dry. They will continue to gain more absorbency as you wash them.

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