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GroVia Pail Liners. Diaper laundry bag. Color available Vanilla ONLY.​

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Brand: Grovia Pail Liners

Grovia Pail Liners. Diaper laundry bag. Color available: Vanilla & Green only. Pls choose your color.

These washable Pail Liner bags are a necessity when cloth diapering. Water resistant. They close with an elasticized drawstring cord and toggle.

Approximately size: 25" H x 27" W.
Capacity: It can hold well up to 2-3 days worth of soiled/dirty diapers before washing. That's a lot of diapers.

Other Suitable & Practical Uses:
Talk about Practicality, Versatility & Functionality. These Multi Purpose functional Pail Liners laundry bags can be used in many ways you can think of using them. It can be used for storage and transporting of goods in your car. E.g. transporting fresh produce from supermarket shopping back home. Always keep one (1) or two (2) Pail Liner bags standby in your car booth. You never know when you need it. Use these Pail Liner bags to bring back & forth wet items home from the Beach, Swimming Pool etc. Also suitable as a Laundry bag to bring your cloths to the launderette, Travel bag and Gym bag. Keep shoes and clothes separated from other items in your car booth using these Pail Liner bags.

Good to go as a Diaper bag, Tote bag as well. Packs up well, nice & neatly. Easy to use with elastic cord and gusset. The elastic cord gives a nice tug fit over the edge of diaper pail or bucket if you choose to use one in baby's room. It helps to keep the bag from slipping off the pail. When its laundry time, it turns into a nice perfect tote bag. Wash and tumbled dry when needed. When not in use, fold it up and tuck it away until it is needed again.

We recommend rotating with a minimum of 2x Pail Liner bags, giving the Pail Liners bags time to be washed and aired-out between uses.

This TPU GroVia Pail Liners and TPU GroVia Wet Bags will serve you well even beyond diapering.

Washing instructions:

  • These Pail Liner bags do not require machine wash. Cold water wash and rinse in a pail or bucket of cold water with light soap powder or liquid detergent is good enough for cleaning the Pail Liner bags. The Pail Liner bags do not require heavy duty washing. Light wash & rinse will protect & maintain the TPU lining inside & the life span of the Pail Liner bags.

Fairly and conscientiously made in China.

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