Grovia APLIX HOOK & LOOP AI2 Pack of 4pcs Shell Cloth Diapers

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Please choose your 4x colors & designs to suit your baby's gender.

Pls. take note: Sweetgrass ONLY available for Applix. All SOLD OUT for Sweetgrass Snap.

Pls. check with us if you want any designs other than what is stated here.

Need to expand your stash of GroVia Shells? Looking for a super trim cover to go over fitteds or prefolds? Try the GroVia shell. These are the popular GroVia Shells without Soaker pads or boosters sewn to diapers unlike the Grovia AIO diapers. Soaker pads & boosters are sold separately which will fit most Grovia Shell diapers including prefolds & microfiber inserts.

GroVia and Grobaby systems are completely interchangeable.

Learn more about cloth diapering here:


Change outer shell twice a day when necessary and inserts or soaker pads as often as needed.

Washing Instruction;

Organic cotton inserts must be warm washed/dried 1-2 times prior to first use to reach it's full absorbency.

  • Wash warm, tumble dry before use.
  • Remove as much solid matter as possible before wash.
  • Place soiled soaker pads in a dry diaper pail - no soaking is necessary.
  • Wash everyday.
  • Start with a cold rinse.
  • Wash in warm water with half the amount of recommended powder or liquid detergent.
  • Do an extra rinse if desired.
  • Tumble dry or hang outside for extra freshness and to remove stains.
  • Do NOT use bleach, enzyme cleaners etc. Organic detergent e.g. Mountain green & Organic softeners are recommended.

Choose which colors you would like for the shells upon purchase and state under comments in your invoice.

Suitable for 6 months to 2 years onward depending on baby size & weight.

Fits 8 to 30 lbs baby weight.

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