Grovia Complete Set (for Baby Boys & Baby Girls) 22 pieces diaper covers

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GROVIA Complete Boy/Girl set.

We are SOLD OUT for AIO Woodlands, Surf, Peacock & Bikes.

This truly is a Complete Grovia Set for Baby Boys & Baby Girls that all new parents will ever need to get started on Cloth diapering. Adequate set of Grovia AIO (All-in-one) meaning the set come with inserts attached & Grovia SIngle Shell Aplix Covers. This set comes complete with Trainers for later years.

Suitable from newborn until 2-3years old !

Suitable for new parents to get started on Cloth diapering straight away. No looking back. Everything you ever need in one purchase. Spend now and save over 10 times the cost you invest on this one purchase compared to disposable diapers.

Learn more about cloth diapering here:

This set also makes a Great Gifts Set for Twin Babies and for new Eco-conscious & practical parents looking to save money.

  • 12pcs Grovia SIngle Shell Aplix Cover (4x Nature, 4x Modflower, 4x Pudge)
  • 6pcs Grovia All In One (1x Ice, 1x Cosmos, 1x Citrus, 1x Vanilla, 1x Persimmon & 1x Planes)
  • 4pcs Grovia Trainer (2x Vanilla & 2x Cloud)
  • 8pcs Evolution Soaker (Large)
  • 8pcs Evolution Soaker (Medium)
  • 8pcs Evolution Soaker (Small)
  • 12pcs Grovia Booster (Stay Dry)
  • 1pcs Perfect Pail (Whatever colors that are available upon purchase will be provided)

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