Grovia AI2 & AIO Set. Aplix, Snap & Newborn. Total: 30x pcs Classic Prints

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Brand: Grovia Popular Prints. Aplix/Snap & Newborn.
  • Aplix Nature x 3x / Aplix Modflower 3x / Aplix Planes 2x / Aplix Citrus 2x / Aplix Persimmon 2x / Snap Nature 3x / Snap Modflower 3x / 2x Snap Owl / 2x Snap Planes / 2x Planes Newborn / 2x Owls Newborn / 2x Vanilla Newborn / 2x Cosmos Newborn. TOTAL: 30PCS.
  • Fits 8 to 30 lbs baby weight. Depending on baby's weight & size.

    Suitable from Newborn upto 2-3 years of age. Great savings!

  • Washing Instruction;
  • Organic cotton inserts must be warm washed/dried 1-2 times prior to first use to reach its full absorbency.
  • Wash warm, tumble dry before use.
  • Remove as much solid matter as possible before wash.
  • Place soiled soaker pads in a dry diaper pail - no soaking is necessary.
  • Wash everyday.
  • Start with a cold rinse.
  • Wash in warm water with half the amount of recommended powder or liquid detergent.
  • Do an extra rinse if desired.
  • Tumble dry or hang outside for extra freshness and to remove stains.
  • Do NOT use bleach, enzyme cleaners etc. Organic detergent e.g. Mountain green & Organic softeners are recommended.
  • Choose which colours you would like for the shells upon purchase and state under comments in your invoice.
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