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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2024 SALE. Roo Shopper Reusable Bag (Flowers) Grande/Large. L 27" x W 15"

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Brand: Roo Tote

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2024 Promo while stock last.

The ROO-SHOPPER BAGS hardy & sturdy shopping bags just like the RUME yet made of durable and lightweight polyester. The body along with the side “roo pocket” can be folded into the inside pocket to become compact and conveniently to be carried in your handbags or trouser pockets. Forty various prints are available at all times and new patterns are always added to the lineup. We proudly bring to you these fun to carry and fashionable Eco-bags.


L27" x W15"

ROO bag with pocket.

We call it "ROO POCKET" because it is capable to keep a lot more than it looks just like a kangaroo's pouch.
There is a ROO POCKET(with a zipper) on the side in which you can put small articles such as a keys, wallet and tissue papers which you can take them out easily which are highly likely to be buried underneath in a bag.

There is one inner pocket & one outer side pocket (the “ROO-pocket”).
You can even fold the bag into the inner pocket and make it a compact size of 12.5 x 14cm for easy portability.

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