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RAMADAN 2024 SALE. Kangaroo Auto Baby Rocker N33. (Buaian Bayi Elektrik) 1x unit. FREE 1x Cradle Net.

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RAMADAN 2024 PROMO whilst stocks last, please share with your friends.

The Kangaroo Auto Baby Rocker N33 will do the rocking for you while you attend to your baby's needs. Adjustable speed timer settings Safe & durable.

FREE GIFT: 1x Kangaroo Baby Cradle Net. Colors: Blue & Pink. Pls choose your color.

The Adjustable Speed of the cradle simulate the environment of the mothers' heartbeat.

It rocks at a rate of about 70 times per minute, which tests have shown it is ideal for babies to sleep.

The pack includes the automatic baby rocker and 7 springs to cater for different baby's weight.

Safe - Kangaroo Baby Rocker N33 is safe and grounded in metal holder.

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