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Brand: Scootababy

Suitable for 5 months to 40 lbs. (3+ years)

NEW - Charcoal Scootababy is made in China, unlike the other scootababies made in USA.

A great low price for a fantastic product.

No frills, no loops, nothing complicated, this is a truly top-functioning carrier which carries your baby in a Natural position which allows face to face contact with your child.

Even weight distribution over the shoulder, back and waist, so you can carry your heavier baby or toddler for longer. Supportive fleece shoulder which won't impede movement and a wide padded waist belt.

Easy to use - Only adjust the first time you put it on, every time after that is simply a snap on and snap off, and if you do need to adjust you can do it with one hand!

Adjustable for both a smaller frame and a bigger frame (good for both mums and dads).

Folds compactly for storage on the go, comes with a convenient nylon drawstring bag.

Quality sturdy materials - soft brushed canvas, 100% cotton. Brown microfiber Lining and Ploartec Fleece Shoulder.

Patent pending design.

New Design!

There are some differences between the original Scootababy™ and new design. Here are the major changes:

  1. Added stretchy binding on the edges of the fleece shoulder - makes for an even better fit
  2. Removed binding on the shoulder straps to help them slide more easily through the buckles
  3. Seat back is approx 1-1.5 inch taller by popular demand
  4. Waist belt webbing is approximately 2 inches longer to accomodate plus-sized babywearers
  5. Construction of the seat is now three vertical panels, versus three horizontal pieces which makes it fit better and it's easier to get baby deeply seated in the seat pouch

Other quality details that aren't visible include interior reinforcement for the leg openings and an extra structural layer under the center print panel.

The lining will be the same in all of the new Scootababy carriers and is plush quilted microfiber.

Scootababy worked with a children's clothing designer to bring consumers a gorgeous variety of prints.

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