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Super Undies Daily Trainer Diapers.

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Brand: Super Undies

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Super Undies Daily Trainer Diapers.

Colors & Stock available as in photo:

S - 3x pcs Light Purple.

M - 1x pc Light Purple.


Potty training is a daunting task. Super undies are designed to look like big kid underwear and come in cool colours to make potty learning super fun.

Plus these also can serve as a diaper if used with Tiny Tapir inserts sold separately.

(M) Waist circumference: 40cm unstretched 50cm stretched

(M) Legs/gusset circumference: 28cm unstretched 36cm stretched

(L) Waist circumference: 48cm unstretched 60cm stretched

(L) Legs/gusset circumference: 30cm unstretched 44cm stretched

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