Tiny Tapir Nursing Cover - Orange Plaid - MID-TERM SALE!

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Tiny Tapir Nursing Cover

A nursing cover/breastfeeding apron for nursing mothers. Breathable thin cotton fabric. Adjustable neck strap.

The neck strap can be adjusted for holding the cover in place and making it easy to take on and off.

There is a supporting bar to insert into the neckline to form a rigid neckline. It allows air circulation for baby and gives mother direct eye contact with baby.

It can also be used as pumping season cover, baby stroller cover, and light blanket for baby.

The cover can be folded and put inside a small gauze bag which come with the package.

Big enough to provide privacy but small enough to fold into your bag.

Fabric: 100% Misaki Japanese Natural Cotton

Size of cover: 96cm x 53cm

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