Wet Bag. Medium size. Apple & Pear design.

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Waterproof Wet Diaper Bag. 1x pc RM 60.00 ONLY. Medium size. A MUST HAVE!!

Design & Color: Apple/Pear.

Convenient and easy to carry around for diaper change. Multi uses for cloth pad, wet diapers, soaker pads, inserts etc.

These are beautiful and high quality waterproof wet diaper bags. A perfect solution for your diaper bag on-the-go and are available in cute prints. 2x zipped pocket compartment wet bag.


Size approx.: L 11” x 9” W

How many diapers will this size hold? It really depends on the size and type of diapers that you are using but our estimate is 4x Grovia Shell diapers on each pocket.


Made with PUL or ProCare as well...even better! The inner waterproof layer is not sewn to the outer layer which means --"WICK-FREE"!

Plus the seam is sewn on the inside away from the wetness!

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