Wet Bag. Medium size. Army fatigue. Double pocket compartment with snap button on both sides.

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Brand: Happy Tushie

Waterproof Wet Diaper Bag. Medium size.

Design & Color: Army Fatigue.

Double pocket compartment with snap button to hold both sides together. Short snap button white handle to hold both compartment together 4-5" length.

This a beautiful and high quality waterproof wet bags. A perfect solution for your diaper bag on-the-go and are available in cute prints. 2x zipped pocket compartment wet bag.


When folded up into 2x compartment with snap button L 10” x 8” W.

When opened up L 16” x 8” W. When OPEN can be use as changing pad for baby when on-the-go.

How many diapers will this size hold? It really depends on the diaper size and type of diapers that you are using but our estimate is 4-6 Grovia AIO/Shell diapers on both pockets.


Made with PUL or ProCare as well...even better! The inner waterproof layer is not sewn to the outer layer which means --"WICK-FREE"!

Plus the seam is sewn on the inside away from the wetness!

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