Wonder Wrap Cloth Diapers. OFFER PACK. 6pcs Diapers + FREE 6pcs Bouncy baby single layer microfiber inserts.

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Wonder Wrap Cloth Diapers 6pcs including FREE 6pcs Bouncy baby single layer microfiber inserts.

Please choose your designs. 6x Colors & 6x Designs available Purple, Apple green, Mocking bird, Vanilla, Mandarin & Green stripe.

What you will get: 6pcs Wonder wrap reusable cloth diaper + FREE 6pcs Bouncy baby single layer microfiber inserts.

Brand: Wonder Wraps

This is quite simply the most adjustable diaper cover in the world today. In addition to a 3 snap rise adjustment, Wonder Wraps has a totally unique channelled waist elastic allowing your cover superior stretch and fit.

This original design makes Wonder Wraps the most unique, functional, and cost effective diaper cover on the market today!

Wonder Wraps are a diaper cover with an ingenious design that allows for a great fit from 10-35 pounds baby, eliminating the need for diaper covers in sizes small through large!

This soft cover is made from a high quality PUL that is sandwiched between two layers of super soft polyester fabric. Wonder Wraps have superior durability and will hold up time after time. Aplix closures allow for a secure and versatile fit.

♦ New Colors
♦ More Generous Fit
♦ Soft Durable Waterproof Outer

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