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Learning Space | Baby Carriers | The Tiny Tapir Eco Shop
Learning Space | Baby Carriers | The Tiny Tapir Eco Shop
Learning Space | Baby Carriers | The Tiny Tapir Eco Shop
Learning Space | Baby Carriers | The Tiny Tapir Eco Shop
Learning Space | Baby Carriers | The Tiny Tapir Eco Shop
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Throughout history, babywearing was a necessity amongst mothers around the world. Mothers intuitively knew that their babies benefitted from being close to them, yet they had to be mobile to do their daily chores, so they ‘wore’ their babies. For the mothers of nomadic tribes, the need to be mobile was even greater.  


Mothers of every country had their own babywearing techniques (read here) depending on the climate, the mother’s work, and the countries’ traditions. Alaskan and Canadian mothers, for example, wore Amautis - thick jackets with rear pockets for their babies and over-sized hoods to shelter both the mothers and their babies.


As the world progressed, however, convenience became key. Increasingly high-fangled gadgets became symbols of affluence and traditional methods of babywearing decreased in popularity. In the West, a large movement evolved to raise independent children, and babies were placed into strollers, prams and cots. Less affluent countries quickly followed suit to show their advancement.



The trend back towards babywearing started in 1960 with the invention of the Snugli carrier by an American Peace Corps volunteer. She fashioned the Snugli after watching how West African Togolese women carried their babies on their backs. A Mexican rebozo inspired Didymos, the inaugural German woven wrap company.

Learning Space | Baby Carriers | The Tiny Tapir Eco Shop

It was the invention of the ‘ring sling’ in 1981 by Hawaiian Rayner Garner, however, that solidified babywearing in the public consciousness. The sling, a throwback to the short cloth rebozos of Mexico, featured two rings to secure and adjust the length of the cloth, and padded edges. Dr. William Sears bought the design and launched the modern babywearing movement with his concept of ‘attachment parenting’ while his wife coined the term ‘babywearing’.


Since then, babywearing has become accepted as highly beneficial for the emotional and cognitive development of babies. Something that had been widely intuited by mothers around the world since time unknown is finally being acknowledged by science, and there has been an explosion of sling, wrap and soft structured carrier choices (click here) for the modern mother to choose from. 


Learning Space | Baby Carriers | The Tiny Tapir Eco Shop

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Baby-wearing is not a cheap alternative to prams and strollers - it's the superior choice in so many ways. The Tiny Tapir team has researched hard to find good value ergonomic carriers that can be used by everyone (even those with bad backs) which are also safe for baby, and idiot-proof to use quickly and conveniently. The cost initially may be high, but you will soon wonder how you managed without your perfect carrier.


Why Manduca


Manduca can be used from birth onwards. The Soft Structured Carrier has built-in infant seat so that your baby will be in an ergonomically correct position. The patented back extension gives your newborn baby neck and head support and it can be enlarged so that you can carry your toddler comfortably. It is made of 100% natural materials.

Manduca Sling is made of 100% organic cotton, certified according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). It can be worn since newborn up to 9kg. The special knitting process makes the Sling highly elastic, yet stable. It can be worn in three different ways.  


Why Moby


Moby Wrap is made of 100% cotton with one way stretch and wide width. It is easy to use and it come with the manual book. Available in solid colors and designs. It can be used from newborn uo to 15kg. It allows baby's weight to be evenly distributed through the wearer's body. It can be worn at the front or hip.

Moby Go is an extentison of moby wrap. Good for toddler. The wide cross-shoulder strap is very comfortable eventhough it is not padded, evenly distributed through the wearer's body. Easy-to-reach side buckles to adjust for the perfect fit. Carry baby front or back.


Why Wrapsody


Wrapsody can be used from newborn up to 20kg. It has 3 types, stretch-hybrid, breeze and duo wrap. Carry baby front, back or hip. Hybrid wraps are silky and soft. It is also suitable for toddler. Can be worn at the back. Eventhough it is thicker that breeze, it is suitable for hot weather. The tapered ends make it easier to do the knot and it doesn't look bulky.Breeze is made from bottomweight cotton gauze but heavier than the gauze. Not stretchy but supportive and strong. Wrapsody comes with the manual book and DVD. Why Moby





There are so many advantages to baby wearing it's hard to know where to start!

  • Good for Bonding with Baby

  • Good for getting fussy babies to calm down (nothing like a parent's heart beat to soothe a baby to sleep)

  • Super easy way to make sure you have all your arms free to do what they need to do (shopping, housework etc)

  • You won't have to worry about keeping an eye on baby in the pram / stroller.

  • No fussing with bulky prams and being restricted in movement in crowds - a baby carrier is the best thing for parents in the city.

Learning Space | Baby Carriers | The Tiny Tapir Eco Shop


Wraps are a great way to carry your child from premature babies to 35 pounds.


Pretty much the only method of baby wearing that you can use for "Kangroo Care" - the skin to skin practice used to increase birth weight (i.e. use a wrap with the baby without wearing clothes for maximum skin to skin touch for the longest time while still covering mommy up enough to be able to walk around the house and do things that need to be done

Learning Space | Baby Carriers | The Tiny Tapir Eco Shop


 X-Carriers are a cheap & quick option to wearing your baby for short tripsTiny Tapir X-carriers are Adjustable in the shoulders, which allows for a growing baby and switching between different mum and dad.


X-Carriers are very compact & come with their own matching drawstring bag, perfect to be slipped in any handbag or left in the car for when baby gets fussy and just wants to be carried.



Learning Space | Baby Carriers | The Tiny Tapir Eco Shop


Soft structured carriers are great for older babies and for parents that need "easy in, easy out" without having to learn how and what to tie. Simply adjust for your body the first time you use it, and subsequent uses are easy - just pop on the preadjusted carrier and snap the buckles in place and you're ready to go! (once the baby is in that is)

Learning Space | Baby Carriers | The Tiny Tapir Eco Shop


The hip carry is the natural way humans have carried our babies throughout the ages. It allows babies & children to grip to their parents' sides while seated in a comfortable position.


Our hip carriers are carefully selected for "best in class" in their category. If your baby loves being carried on the hip the most, these are the carriers you need to support your back ergonomically.





Learning Space | Baby Carriers | The Tiny Tapir Eco Shop
Learning Space | Baby Carriers | The Tiny Tapir Eco Shop
Learning Space | Baby Carriers | The Tiny Tapir Eco Shop
Learning Space | Baby Carriers | The Tiny Tapir Eco Shop


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Q: I'm nervous I'm not wearing baby correctly. Any tips?

A: Firstly, find a carrier style and type that you and your baby seem comfortable with, and learn as much as you can about how to use it from the manufacturer, and, sometimes more usefully, from experienced wearers who use the same carrier.

A quick reminder of proper baby wearing is T.I.C.K.S.:

Tight (leaning towards snug).

In view at all times (so you can always be sure your baby is safe and you can bond with them).

Close (so you can kiss their cute little nose and save your back).

Keep their chin off their chest (to promote good posture and keep their airways clear).

Support their back (make sure you baby's precious spine has the support it needs).

Q: Which Carrier is the Most Suitable for Hot Weather?

A: Some carriers do seem to be more suitable for the heat, although, like most things, they all have their pros and cons:

Frame Carrier

Heat Pluses

- There is minimal fabric covering your body.

- Your baby is seated away from your body, so both of you get maximum airflow.

- Frame carriers generally feature lightweight material.

Heat Minuses

- The metal components will heat up in hot areas - be very careful!

Soft-Structured Carriers

Heat Pluses

- Most of the fabric is kept away from your body.

- Some SSCs feature mesh panels.

- You can wear your older toddler a bit more loosely.


Heat Minuses

- Smaller infants may need an insert, which will heat things up. Choose an insert with a mesh panel.

- Any fabric that does come into contact with your body is sometimes thick and made of synthetic material which does not breathe well. Try to find a carrier with natural material straps.

Woven Wraps

Heat Pluses

- Wraps are one-layer and generally lightweight.

Heat Minuses

- There is a lot of fabric to wrap around your baby, and especially yourself!

Q: Everyone Recommended a Particular Type of Carrier to Stay Cool, But We Both Still End Up


A: No matter which carrier you choose, babywearing will always be a sweaty act of love for both you and your baby simply because you're snuggling that little bundle of warm joy to you. Here are a few tips to keep you both as cool as cucumbers as possible:

- Dress yourself and your baby down. Since you will keep each other warm even in cold areas, wear one less layer. Your can carry an extra scarf or jacket for yourself and an extra blanket or layer of clothing for your baby just in case.

- Stick to cooler places when you do venture out; places that are sure to have fans or air-conditioning. 

- Go for outdoor walks early in the morning or in the cooler part of the evening. You'll have the added

bonus of enjoying more birds and animals who also cleverly venture out at those times.

- Pack water essentials - a bottle of water and a mister, and maybe even some watery fruit for outdoor

wanderings. Don't be afraid to gently tease your baby with a little mister squirt!

- Make sure your baby stays hydrated by feeding just before venturing out and after coming home.

Q: Can I jog or cycle while wearing my baby?

A: While jogging or cycling sound like fun ways to get some exercise and fresh air with your baby, it's best to avoid doing anything that shakes them too much. Shaking your baby too much, especially when they are newborn, can affect their neck and throw off their delicate sense of balance. Additionally, these activities up the risk of baby falling out of an otherwise secure wear.

shop with confidence

Only the best baby carrier for our customer

Bringing the best baby carrier to the market, is our passion. We would love to introduce you to a Podaegi Carrier, Infant Carrier, Toddler Carrier, mei-tai carrier, or baby wrap that would best suit your requirements. The brands we carry are such as Manduca, Moby, Ergo, Wrapsody, Baby Nari, Moby Go, Moby Wrap, Wrapsody duo water, Wrapsody hybrid, Wrapsody woven breeze, Mama Patch, Jumpsac, Hip Hugger carrier and baby carrier accessories. Find and learn about the best baby carrier Malaysia, best baby carrier in the world on Tiny Tapir's learning space. 

We aim to carry only the best baby wearing products such as  is Manduca, which is well known for its built-in infant seat and adjustable body panel, lightweight soft organic material, attachable chest strap and double lock buckle for added safety. Moby wrap is famous for its stretchy material, making it appropriate for newborn. A popular choice is Wrapsody which is suitable for those who want the option of back carry and suits tropical climate. Come on in to our outlet and let us fit your for the best carrier for you. 

Tiny Tapir menjual alat gendong terbaik dalam menjanjikan keselesaan kepada si pemakai dan bayi.Alat gendong yang lebih ringan, mudah di pakai, serta di perbuat dari material yang sejuk mejadi pilihan ibu bapa kini.


Jenama seperti Manduca, Moby, Wrapsody, Baby Nari, dan lain-lain  boleh di perolehi di Kedai Bayi anda, Tiny Tapir!

“Jom Gendong Bayi bersama Tiny Tapir”
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