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  • I can't make credit card payment through IPay88, what's the issue?"
    We Use IPay88 to complete local bank transfers. For Credit Card please use Paypal. We appologise for this confusion with the logos on IPay88, we are unable to edit that. In the future credit card payment through IPay88 service may become available.
  • I clicked on the "FREE Pick Up" option. What do I do next?"
    Whatsapp 017-359-8719 with your order number TTxxxxxx and we will arrange a time for you to pick up from our warehouse.
  • I have a problem with checking out. What should I do ?
    Leave your in the cart and contact/whatsapp +6017 359 8719
  • Can I make USD payments into your Malaysia bank account?
    For USD transactions there is a different account number at OCBC Bank Malaysia which we will provide if it is not listed in check out option notes. Please whatsapp/call/message 017 359 8719 for further details. Leave your order in your cart in the mean time.
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