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From Diaper Changes, Tummy Time to Infant/Parent Classes The Plush Pad® is the multi-purpose memory foam surface for your baby. It's great to use on-the-go or around the home -- in any room or any place.

The Plush Pad® is in a category and class of its own. It is definitely not just a changing pad. We consider The Plush Pad® a portable changing station, because the memory foam makes it comfortable enough to be used all the time - in another part of the home, during extended stays with the grandparents, while on vacation at hotels, or to reclaim counter space for parents with smaller living spaces. You can also simply roll it up and take it with you daily on-the-go.

The Plush Pad® has redefined its product category as the only hybrid changing station marrying permanent and portable use. It is an impressive, upgrade to the traditional, permanent changing station with the incorporation of a memory foam cushion (5/8th of an inch thick), providing superior comfort and support for baby while enabling ultimate portability for the on-the-go parent with a patented rolling design (22 inch x 22 inch square dimension when open and 10 inch x 3 inch cylinder when closed). When not in use it can also be easily stored in a drawer or closet

Another popular use is during tummy time and Mommy & Me classes when the baby begins to practice lifting their weight up with their arms or just needs a soft spot to exercise or relax.

Style meets practical. Baby meets plush. Sure, there are portable vinyl and plastic pads available in all sorts of gimmicky shapes or that come in your diaper bag as a freebie, but they are all still cold, hard, and meant to be wiped down with a sponge. We know there is a market for parents who demand comfort for their infants as well as portability.

Design: The common changing pad is designed with a folding fashion in mind. These folds leave awful creasing which seems to keep the pad caving in on itself. This can be irritating when all a parent wants to do is lay their baby down for a quick change.

The Plush Pad® addresses this issue by rolling open much like a yoga mat. You simply slip off the fastening loops and The Plush Pad® rolls open easily, ready to welcome your baby.

Mom-Invented Ah Goo Baby® founder, Karin Telegadis, was constantly frustrated by the changing pads offered in even her most high-end diaper bags and also tired of getting resourceful with changing surfaces while traveling with her babies. Several events inspired her: It didn’t matter how expensive the diaper bag - all of the pads were made of vinyl and were stiff and cold. It was more desirable to risk my pashmina wrap as a changing surface, than to bother digging for the changing pad in my diaper bag. Never seemed worth the hassle. My kids always squirmed, rolled off of it, or were generally irritated by the lack of comfort. With a flight of stairs between the kitchen and my baby’s nursery, I set up a second changing station on the first level to avoid treks up and down for every diaper change; but the bulky foam station was an eyesore and eventually rubbed the finish off of my dining room table. I realized from friends with smaller living spaces in New York that something comfortable yet portable could allow them to also reclaim counter space without sacrificing their baby’s comfort.


Patented Rolling Design : The patented design is built similar to a traditional pillow, in that the high-density memory foam acts as the cushioning, a water repellent taslin fabric covers the pillow protecting it from accidents, and the two are then slipped into the outer cover. The center piece of the Plush Pad® covers the memory foam pillow (which is where most of your baby’s body will rest) with a fold on either side that together acts as an extended barrier for your baby’s arms and legs.

When you are finished with each changing, you simply snap the folds together, roll it up, and secure it with the woven elastic loops.

Its Many Uses : The Plush Pad® brings the comfort of the nursery with you everywhere you go with your baby. Its patented design incorporates a thick, body-contouring memory foam cushion to sooth and support your baby's sensitive pressure points.

Unique features of The Plush Pad®:

  • Thick memory foam cushion that relaxes the baby by molding to his curves and relieving her tiny pressure points; baby will relish the experience of being changed;
  • Machine washable and water-resistant. Wash the cover much like a pillowcase whenever it needs cleaning (the memory foam insert can be easily removed prior to washing;
  • The Plush Pad® rolls open with no creases - no need to fiddle;
  • Plenty of wiggle room (approximately 2 ft. x 2 ft.) for the baby, yet ultimate portability to easily fit in one's diaper bag, suitcase, or to store away when not being used.

Different Ways The Plush Pad® Can Be Used:

  • The Plush Pad is used constantly (24/7) around the home; no need to run to the nursery for every change when you have The Plush Pad®.
  • Some use it as their only changing surface if they are looking to conserve space;
  • Leave it open during hotel stays for weeks at a time as a changing station;
  • Great for tummy time when baby begins to practice lifting themselves and general lounging/exercise for infant/parent classes;
  • Leave it at the grandparents for a comfortable change when they watch the grandkids;
  • Toss it in the back of the stroller or the car for a quick change while on the road;
  • Take it to the beach or park, so baby can relax on a soft and cozy surface;
  • Replace the plastic/vinyl changing pad in one's diaper bag withThe Plush Pad®, for a really comfortable daily change for baby.

Overall, you will find The Plush Pad® services the sophisticated and discerning mom on the go who wants her baby to be comfortable and clean, while giving herself the satisfaction of retaining a flair for good taste.

Ah Goo Baby Plush Pad - Morocco

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