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Bamboo & Sorona Interlock Fabric

Weight : 260gsm

Width : 60"

Blend : 57% Bamboo, 38% Sorona, 5% Spandex

Color : Black

Price is per meter - cut as per your order (i.e. if you order 2m, you will get 2m of material, not two pieces of 1m of material)

Suitable for

Sorona is a renewable / biobased Triexta

Triexta fibers provide a unique combination of exceptional durability and stain resistance. The mixing of Triexta fibers with Bamboo viscose results in a durable and yet very soft material with stain resistence. This material will resist stretch and sagging over time.

Sorona fabrics are produced with 63% less greenhouse gas emissions compared to petroleum based nylons.

Bamboo & Sorona Interlock Fabric 260gsm

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