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Why Choose Nandina

Nandina is committed to bringing you exciting new products that utilize an amazing range of natural fibers from plants that have been cultivated or collected throughout time, but are just being rediscovered today. We will continue to explore new ways to combine these resources with state of the art technology to bring you exciting organic towels and all natural or environmentally friendly products to replace the potentially harmful ones most of us still use today. We hope to continue to earn your trust as an innovative company committed to preserving our planet for future generations.


Heavenly Bamboo Collection


Our luxurious plain loop terry towel is elegant in its simplicity. Whether your home is contemporary or more traditional, this wonderfully absorbent towel will blend beautifully into any décor. Aragon is available in 16 exciting colors that range from neutrals to jewel tones.



Product Care

How should I care for my towels or robe?

We encourage you to machine wash your towels separately in warm water on the gentle cycle, using a minimal amount of mild, environmentally friendly detergent. These detergents are available in the cleaning products section of most grocery stores. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners. 

All of our products are machine washable. We recommend using warm water, non-phosphate soap in the washing cycle, and a cool, tumble dry in a dryer. The best way to dry, in our opinion, is to hang dry on a clothesline outside and bring the magic of the outside back in.

Will my towels stain?

Most stains and oils are easily lifted out of your towels in the wash using mild detergent. Pre-wash treatments are not necessary. However, there are some substances that contain natural dyes such as black tea, tabasco sauce, and some concentrated berry juices such as cranberry or pomegranate that will permanently dye your towels.

What should I do if my towels snag?

We recommend that you wash your towels in hot water immediately after purchase. This wash will tighten the weave structure of your towels and substantially diminish snagging. However, should you snag a towel, you can simply cut it off with scissors. Your towel will not run or unravel.

The colors are so beautiful. Will they fade? Are they colorfast?

While our products and dyes are stable, they are not fast against some chemicals. Bleaching agents such as hydrogen peroxide, benzoyl peroxide, teeth whiteners, some acidic skincare products, some tooth pastes and chlorine bleach may cause your towels to fade or discolor.

Nandina Hand Towel (19" x 31") / 48cm x 78cm | Free Shipping

SKU: NandinaHandTowel
$30.79 Regular Price
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Aragon Collection
Savari Collection
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