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AngelPack Baby Carrier - Colligate Stripes

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Product Details
Brand: AngelPackColligateStripes

Why should I buy an AngelPack baby carrier?
High quality material and workmanship
Lightweight and foldable
Includes a hood for added head support while the child is sleeping and works well for covering up while breastfeeding
Use in front or back or on your hip!

What type of baby sling or baby carrier is the Angel Pack?

The AngelPack is a Soft Structured Baby Carrier (SSC). It weighs less than a KG and can be easily folded and placed in a drawer. Our unique design allows for better support without the extra bulk and weight of a framed baby backpack.

The padded waist and straps help distribute the child's weight across your hips and shoulders. Our ergonomic baby carrier design makes carrying your child easier and more comfortable than other baby carriers on the market.

What size children can I carry with an AngelPack baby carrier?
You can carry a child from 10 lbs (4.5 kg) to whatever weight the parent can safely tolerate. Please do not exceed 40 pounds (18kg). We have carried our three children from 10 lbs up to 2 years old.

Do I need to tie it on?

No, you don't have to tie any knots at all. Our baby carrier employs easy to clip and adjust buckles. You just put it on and go!

Can I throw it in the washing machine?
Yes, we recommend delicate cycle with cold water. Clip the buckles together and line dry. No bleach.

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