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Baby Nari Hip Hugger Eco Combo. Black. Loose pcs. No box.

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Brand: Baby Nari Hip Hugger

Baby Nari Hip Hugger Black.

Baby Nari Hip Hugger Eco Plus. Loose pcs. No box.

An easier, more comfortable way to carry your child - Hands free option included!

New hands-free option has 7 different seating arrangements, padded straps over both shoulders with a sleeping hood attached, making it convenient and easy to use anywhere you go

- 3D air mesh: Breathable mesh fabric allows extended wear without discomfort
- Padded waist cushion: Combination of sponge & memory foam provides a comforable and snug feel around the waist
- Buckle: 50mm sturdy buckles tested and approved by SGS
- Non-slip fabric: Cloud shaped Eco friendly non-slip fabric on seat to prevent Baby from slipping off
- Outer shell: Lightweight and non hazardous material used for durability and long lasting wear
- Connecting zipper/velcro loop: This separating zipper and button loop connects to the hands-free carrier Eco Plus

The seat itself is angled towards the baby wearer to help support the weight of the child and distribute it evenly to the hips & shoulders.

The Baby Hip Hugger Eco Plus features a zipper and 2 rings for the Eco Plus Attachment

Relief for your tired arms and back:

TIP! The tighter you wear your Hip Hugger the more comfortable it is for you and your child

Recommended for ages between 4 months to 36 months and must be able to sit on their own.

Compared to Other Hip Seat Carriers

- Uses EVA Foam not Styrofoam like other Hip Seats. EVA Foam is more expensive, but it is durable and retains its shape. Styrofoam (used by other hip seat carriers), while cheap, is not as sturdy, dents easily and can change shape over time

- Seat is ANGLED so even with heavier children, the seat will not sag causing extra pressure to hips and back

- Baby Nari Hip Huggers do not get "loose" with wear, therefore needing adjustment after a period of using it, due to the type of fabric used - this gives nice clean lines while using

- Uses larger and stronger buckles which are reinforced to the belt using double stitching

- Longer belt and sewing lines to ensure lower likelihood of belt failure issues.

- Uses rubber poly on top of inserts to be softer and more comfortable for the child, and also holds the weight better.

- Eco Plus hands free attachment uses two reinforced rings with zipper connection for safety compared to only 1 button and zipper.

- 3D Air mesh vs cotton with foam padding. 3D air mesh and high quality padding is stronger but also allows more breathability so it's less hot for baby and babywearer

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