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Bamboo Velour Black.

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Product Details
Brand: Bamboo Velour Black

Bamboo Velour Black. Pls. check stock availability with us before purchase. TQ.

Weight : 260gsm

Width : 60"

Blend : 70% Bamboo, 28% Organic Cotton, 2% Polyester

Color : Black

OPTIONS FOR FABRIC CUTS: All fabric to be cut into 5x meters to enable For PACKING & SHIPPING purposes.

E.g. For 10 meters. 5 meters x 2pcs. Total: 10 meters.

E.g. For 20 meters. 5 meters x 4pcs. Total: 20 meters.

E.g. For 30 meters. 5 meters x 6pcs. Total: 30 meters.

Suitable uses for most Active-Sport-Wear & other clothing;

Luxuriously soft and silky fabric, can be used for anything you can imagine or think of sewing.

T-shirts (men, ladies & children) Soft toys, children bibs, cloth pads, cloth diapers, cardigan, training pants, jogging/yoga pants, mens boxers, pajamas, jackets, bed-sheets covers, pillow case, cushion covers, curtains, table cloth, sofa pullover covers, and other garments.

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