Bumprider stand-on-board, buggy board, Swedish Technology Made In S.Korea - Color RED.

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Brand: Bumprider Red


What you get: 1x Bumprider stand-on-board unit PLUS 1 set of CONNECTORS ONLY. No stroller provided. Stroller in the photo is for illustration purpose ONLY.

How to attach the wheels to the Bumprider stand-on-baord.

Just use a bit of force to push the wheel into the wheel socket/hole provided on the stand-on-board. Its got a locking system. The wheels will be automatically locked into position safely. More info will be provided via wattsapp.

Bumprider accessory or connectors:

If you have 2 strollers its advisable to get a pair of extra Bumprider connectors. You could keep the Bumprider connectors strapped to your 2nd stroller for convenience. All you need is to remove and change is the stand-on-board whenever you want to use the 2 strollers.

Bumprider wheels protection:

The wheel may not be as hardy as when it was first manufactured. However our solution is to find a cobbler or bicycle shop who can do a reinforced belting around the wheels for a longer duration before first use. Roda boleh tahan lama. Photo courtesy by one of our customer.

reinforced belting around the wheels for a longer duration before use. Roda boleh tahan lama.

- Won "Gold" position in the Mother and Baby Awards 2016: Best Multiple Twin or Tandem Pushchair Accessory.

- Designed to FIT ANY stroller / pram due to its universal connector with endless adjustment possibilities. If you're unsure whatsapp us for more info.

- Suitable for children from 2 to 5 years of age, weight 20-30 kgs.

- Width: 28 cm length: 26.5 cm, height with wheels: 19.5 cm, telescopic arms 23 cm.

- Balanced torsion suspension for smooth riding like in snowmobiles. Bumprider comes with connector to connect with any stroller as part of the set.

- Telescoping arms for connection are durable aluminium, not plastic like other boards.

- Quick and easy installation (no tools needed)

- Made in Korea

- Designed in Sweden

- No warranty/guarantee


CARE & USE; for your Bumprider stand-on-Board unit. We recommend customers to use it indoors in shopping malls or complex, airport floors and smooth floors. The Bumprider stand-on-board is made for convenience of parents shopping with their children in the Malls. Made to be used on smooth floors NOT OUTDOOR roads or parks.The wheels are not heavy duty wheels. Meant for light weight children upto 20-30 kgs and light use only. When in shopping mall avoid dragging Bumprider unit onto the lift drain this can damage the wheels and cause the wheels to break. Please lift up the Bumprider unit and tie it to the stroller handle. The attachment is provided for you for this purpose. Please try to avoid using it on our Malaysian roads for the care & durability of the wheels. THIS MODEL NOT MADE FOR OUTDOOR USE. INDOOR USE ONLY. Thankyou for your understanding.

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