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Ciinolin Muslin Swaddle blankets - Madura design with a SouthEast Asian Twist. Pack of 3x pcs.

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Brand: Ciinolin Swaddle Blanket

Ciinolin Muslin Swaddles blankets with a SouthEast Asian Twist. PACK of 3pcs

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Ciinolin swaddles blankets are soft & durable. It gets softer everytime you wash. This is the unique blend about these swaddles. The designs are fun & colourful with cute animal characters. Inspired by batik motifs, songket, Indian textiles & embroidery, giving the swaddles a Southeast Asian twist.

These are the main features of the swaddle:

Fabric: 70% rayon from natural Bamboo Fibre, 30% cotton.

Size: 47″ x 47″

The swaddles are gender neutral.

Suitable from birth upto 3-4 mths depending on baby's development & size.

Care instructions:

Machine washable. Advisable to use a laundry net bag for washing. Wash separate with baby's cloths.

Tumble dry on low heat.

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