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The disana woolen overpant is dressed as a waterproof cover over the diaper package. Please make sure that the woolen overpant rounds/fits well at the body and at the legs and that nowhere a piece of diaper looks out. On that overpant you dress a body and a jump suit or other clothing.

If the woolen overpant has only become wet, it has not to be washed. A simple drying in the open air is sufficient to get the overpants hygienically clean again, thanks to the natural "self-cleaning" of the wool.

A large part of this self-cleaning effect consists of the lanolin still contained in natural wool. It wraps the woolen fiber like a protective cover and prevents that dirt and germs can fix onto the woolen fiber. At the same time, this lanolin cover is permeable for water in form of water vapor.

For the woolen overpant the lanolin has a further positive quality. While drying the humid pant, the lanolin connects to the urine of the baby and neutralizes it. After drying, the woolen pant is fresh again and hygienically clean.

While neutralizing the urine, one part of the lanoline always gets lost, so after some time it is used up. It depends on many factors, how long the "lanolin stock" stays in the pant. If all lanolin of the woolen fiber is used, the pant does no longer hold tight and smells like urine. Usually lanolin must be carried back to wool diaper every 2-3 weeks. How to do this, please see our information concerning the washing of wool and the instructions on the packing of our wool care products.

A new woolen overpant still contains a lot of natural lanolin and has not to be treated with lanolin before wearing for the first time.
In case a brand new woolen overpant is not leak, there is too much natural lanolin on the fiber. It wraps the woolen fiber like a waterproof film and impregnates it. So the wool cannot absorb any more the overrun humidity from the diaper package.

Then the pant has to be washed by a mild wool detergent and must not be treated with lanolin afterwards. By this washing process, the overrun lanolin is washed out of the fiber and then it can absorb humidity again.

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