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Mei Thai Carrier | Yun Kee Gudian Yunnan Baby Carrier | Traditional Classic Baby Carrier | Hand embroidered baby carrier

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Brand: Yun Kee Gudian

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Yun Kee Gudian Yunnan Baby Carrier.

Specifications: Size, length and width of 73cm x 70cm (1-3cm error is normal), SSB sub 150cm width 4cm.

Features: From birth 0-3 years of age baby upto 1 year old baby with increased foot will be exposed.

Processing: Hand sewing machine, single-sided embroidery (embroidery), plus a hard head, can be turned up.

Usage: Before back, back cross-holding (for three months before the baby's head is not vertical).

Material: Velveteen embroidery front, back of polyester, no dissection, four seasons available.

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