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TinyTapir Swaddles Wrap with Hoody for Baby Boys (Blue).

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Brand: TinyTapir Swaddles Wrap with Hoody

TinyTapir Swaddles.

Stock available: TinyTapir Swaddles Wrap with Hoody 2x pcs left for Baby Boys (Blue) & 3x pcs left for Baby Girls (Pink).

Blue & Pink design Prints of My dinosaur rides in the truck, little car, big truck, vroom, beep, beep.

Check out Tiny Tapir Ciinolin Muslin Swaddles blankets with a South East Asian Twist. PACK of 3pcs.


Cute little Swaddle Wraps re-create a secure condition of mother’s womb for baby. Baby feels comfortable and safe enough to drift off into sleep.

This swaddle wrap is made from 100% cotton. Easy to wash and re-use. This Swaddle wrap comes with a hood to keep baby’s head warm while sleeping in air-condition rooms.

Material: Made from 100% cotton.

Features: Adjustable Velcro closure from right to left on the chest area and leg area to fit your growing baby .

Suitable from Birth/Newborn up-to 3 months or more depending on baby’s growth and development.


Size: L 25 inches x W 27 inches

Colors: Pink & Blue available

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