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Tiny tapir is your best eco-friendly partner introducing quality eco baby stuff to the market. We are the pioneers of the cloth diapering and baby wearing movement in Malaysia, introducing some of the best baby cloth diapers brands such as Grovia, Bouncy Baby, Evolution Diapers. Baby wearing is our other passion, we have brought to Malaysia the best baby carrier we think exist in the world such Manduca, Moby Wrap, Wrapsody and Ergo.


Over the years, we have come to find the best brands for our beloved customers in different facets of parenting. We would now like to introduce brands such as Ah Goo Baby, RuMe, Zoobies, Bambu Dru, Thirsties, My Kool Kup, Bravado, La Leche, Kokopax, Minizone, Dirt Candle, Bumprider, and Scootababy. We also sell baby gifts, baby shower gifts, trinkets and baby jewelleries such as Teething Bling by Smartmom.


For those diy enthusiasts and cottage-industry manufacturers who are looking to make their own hand-made cloth diapers, we also sell all the necessary items you may require such as snaps, snap-press, fabric and buttons.


Some of the unique fabrics that we carry are such as bamboo velour, double terry, bamboo heavy fleece, hemp fleece, bamboo jersey and bamboo interlock sorona.

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Some of the unique fabrics that we carry are such as bamboo velour, double terry, bamboo heavy fleece, hemp fleece, bamboo jersey and bamboo interlock sorona.


In a bid to improve awareness amongst Malaysian women on healthier and eco-friendly sanitary options, we have trying hard to bring brands to the market that will benefit Malaysian women. We are the official retailers of MoonCup and LadyCup in Malaysia. Tiny Tapir is a parenting shop that caters to the needs of the parent.


In addition to the above, we also introduce tried and tested nursing products, breast feeding items , nursing covers such as Bel & Cass, Lilie Pilie, Mangtha. Breastmilk storage solution like, Honey Suckle, Baby Cubes, Pesto Cubes. Also Fresh Feeder/Nibbler by Petite Creations and our latest addition, Trueeluv breast pump Malaysia.


In the evolution of Tiny Tapir, we endeavour to help parents through baby product reviews, baby product tips, baby food recipes, parenting tips, parenting classes, parenting workshop, babywearing classes, in an effort to help parents create parenting styles that are benefitical.


We aim to offer a premium baby product shopping experience to our clients through offering an appointment booking system available through our website. 

Tiny Tapir merupakan kedai atas talian bagi keperluan baby di mana kami mengamalkan dan mempromosikan kelengkapan bayi yang lebih mesra alam. Kami merupakan peneraju utama dalam memperkenalkan lampin kain moden dan alat gendong bayi di Malaysia serta Asia Tenggara.


Jenama lampin moden seperti Grovia, Bouncy Baby dan Evolution Diapers tidak asing lagi bagi ibu bapa moden. Malahan, kami berusaha membawa jenama seperti Manduca, Ergo, Wrapsody, Moby dan jenama lain untuk alat gendong bayi.


Istimewa bagi ibu muda, kami menghargai pengalaman mengandung pertama kali anda dengan menyediakan pelbagai kemudahan untuk menyusu bayi seperti alat gendong, bra menyusu, pam susu ibu, changing pad, dan sebagainya terdiri daripda jenama seperti Ah Goo Baby, RuMe, Zoobies, Bel&Cass, Bravado, Le Leche dan sebagainya.


Ayuh, membeli-belah di kedai bayi Malaysia terbaik, hanya di Tiny Tapir



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