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The Tapir says Hello

Tiny Tapir started as Fem Choices way back (in internet years anyway!) in 2004. Fem Choices was my over-enthusiastic reaction to first using a Menstrual Cup and Cloth Pads. They made such a huge impression on me that I wanted to bring these products to Malaysia – I am quite proud that I was the first online store selling these products for quite a while (of course I’m not so proud that I didn’t manage to promote them an awful lot in the ‘offline’ world).

I still use my cup and cloth pads and I am still obsessed with their cuteness and comfort… but then I realized that there are other environmentally friendly products I use which I would love to see others use too.

Me, my siblings and my friends were constantly bitching about how wasteful and disposable people were without a second thought – what better way to stop complaining and start doing something by letting people know there should be a second thought in the first place?

And that’s how the store ‘renovation’ came about and why Tiny Tapir is going to be stocking a lot of the great re-usable products I enjoy every day.

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