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Maternity Bras, 3 important questions you may have, answered.

Nursing has since made a comeback and nursing bras are so important during the breastfeeding period. So here are some quick answers to some questions you may have.

1) What style of bra is best during pregnancy?

- Pick a bra that has sturdy seams and straps. If your breasts are larger than DD's, it's preferable to look for bras with straps that have an inch wide at the shoulders. Unsure ? Visit our warehouse outlet and try them on yourself.

2) How about Bras that have underwire?

- Well, generally they are fine if they fit right and don't pinch your breasts. Many expecting mothers find them uncomfortable and opt for soft cups instead.

3) How do I know what's the right fit?

- The best way to make sure you're buying the correct size is to to try them at our warehouse outlet in Cheras.

In the event you can't, no worries, here are some pointers.

- Try sitting down while wearing the bra. If your breasts sag too low or have no lift or support try tightening the back hook and straps. If you're still sagging, try a smaller cup and band size. You may also want to try a style that's built to give more support to your breasts.

- There shouldn't be any pinching or sliding anywhere.

- If the chest band rises up into the breast area from the rib cage or the straps are too tight or too loose and fall off your shoulders despite adjustments, the bra is not suited for you.

- To prevent chafing, look for soft material like a cotton or cotton and synthetic blend with no seams near the nipple.

Then what are the signs of a good fit?

- Your breasts are completely contained in the cups and don't spill over the top or sides of the bra.

- There are no bumps or wrinkles in the cups.

- The center section of the bra lies flat on your chest between your breasts.

- The bra does not shift when you raise your arms above your head.

Bravado and La Leche are two of the best brands in the market. Get your nursing bras in Malaysia at

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