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Reusable Menstrual Cloth Pads

Our generation grew up accepting that the only option for us every month when aunty flo came to visit wearing her red dress was to use paper disposable sanitary pads and cotton tampons.

But we only have to look to our grand mothers to find out that they grew up using something completely different.

And that of course is cloth! Find our range on our website:

Women have been using cloth for many generations more than paper disposables – there is really nothing disturbing or unclean about using cloth.

The Benefits – summed up in the 5 Cs (something like what Singapore girls need to get married *wink wink*)

Cloth pads are really Cute! They come in a large range of fabrics and all sorts of sizes and shapes, so you can really perk yourself up just looking at your beautiful and cute pads.

They’re also so much more Comfortable than disposable paper pads. Paper + plastic = no airflow = sweat and discomfort. Paper pads are also quite stiff while cloth pads will mold to your shape providing better ‘catching’ of liquid as well as being less noticeable for the wearer.

They’re definitely Cheaper in the long run! Cloth pads range from the super expensive luxurious brands to really cheap (but definitely still functional) brands. All pads will last for years and years, up to 10 years! They also get softer and more absorbent the more they are used. So there’s a higher initial investment in purchase, but unlike with disposable pads, you can use them many, many, many, many times so they definitely save you money.

Using cloth pads means you Care about your health. Disposable pads are bleached white (unless you buy the expensive natural brands) using dioxin – which can be toxic to your health in the long run. It’s not scientifically proven, but over the last 30 years there’s been a huge rise in the number of women with gynaelogical problems like Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome and Endometriosis. Ever wonder whether it’s because we’re putting all sorts of chemicals against a really absorbent part of our bodies (our vaginas are mostly mucous membranes, meaning they are super good at absorbing whatever they come into contact with into our bodies)?

Not to mention of course, the Convenience. You never have to run out of pads again! Neither do you have to wrap up your pads to throw away. Simply dump them in the washing machine with your towels or other clothes, the stains just wash out like they wash out of our underwear or clothes. It doesn’t hurt that a lot of women report lighter bleeding and shorter periods after switching to cloth pads. The theory is that it’s because a really sensitive part of our body is no longer being irritated and therefore do not bleed as much.

Basically all the same reasons why everyone wears cloth underwear and not paper disposable underwear is the same reason why cloth pads are a good choice for most women.

Other than the great personal reasons, of course cloth pads are also better for the environment. They take minimum energy to wash with our other clothes and will last for a long time, producing less waste. Disposable pads take just as much energy (and chemicals) to manufacture as a cloth pad, but it can only be used once. After use disposable pads also take decades to break down (if at all) especially because of the plastic component. That means we’re increasing our landfills.

Why you should care about that? Consider that we all live on this Earth – you might not feel the effect of out of control landfills filled with rubbish yet, but eventually it will affect you in terms of increased pollution, higher temperatures and a less comfortable environment in which to live.

The Tiny Tapir hopes you give cloth pads a chance! I personally find my life so much better now I can entirely bypass the aisle of disposable sanitary products in the supermarket. Unbelievably, I even look forward to that time of the month because I get to put all those lovely pads to use.

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