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Rume Bags – Restocked + Repriced

Rume bags are back in stock and fully loaded.

What’s the difference between the Rumes and Envirosax you say?

For one very important thing, Rume bags are certified Fair Trade and made in South Korea. If you have a Rume you’ll also see the difference between it and an Envirosax – double binding on the edges, stiffer material and the gusseted bottom – the Rume is better for those who want a more structured bag that will ‘stand up’ better on its own.

They’re also packaged and made following a no waste philosophy (Tiny Tapir loves that!)

Currently, the Rume is available in 6 patterns and 5 colors (eye popping blue, pink and green, ever reliable black and bright white). The 6 patterns are even better than they look in photos, with the Spring in New York perfect for discerning fashionistas – the orange patterned Rume is actually on a hot pink background. It’s very eye catching! And the black and grey Silicone Valley prints are perfect for taking to the office to carry those last minute files you don’t have a bag for. Silicone Valley is also very popular with the male persuasion, it’s a perfect gift for the man in your life.

Rumes fold up flatter than the Envirosax which roll up rounder (folded up rume are more rectangular than round), and are closed with a velcro tab on the top inside of the bag (so there’s no dangling closure tab on the bottom of the bag when it’s in use). Each bag’s velcro tab is long enough to attach around 3 Rumes for easy neat carrying of multiple bags.

These Rumes are strong too – they can definitely hold up to be filled up to the brim with supermarket shopping.

Not Cot’s great comparison post of the Rumes.

To buy a Rume now, click here

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