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Bad plastic and why Bento boxes are just no good

Bento boxes are just super cute. I totally see where the obsession comes from.

And, hey, anything that will make some fussy little ones eat right?

I was so excited that maybe Bento boxes could be offered in Tiny Tapir – after all, packing food from home is a great way to save money as well as to save the environment (no need for disposable packaging if one has packed from home, versus the Styrofoam boxes, throwaway chopsticks and disposable cups and plastic bags – can anyone tell me what the heck is the point of those tiny pink plastic bags that can only fit 1 box in it? Isn’t it the same as just carrying the box in your hand instead of putting it in the bag also?).

However, Bento boxes are made out of cheap plastic. I still haven’t managed to find a bento box or bento accessories that are made out of plastics not containing Bisphenol-A.

Bisphenol-A is found in most plastics – also, in all Tupperware brand plastics. Which really disappointed me because I wanted to stock their Go-Flex range (a box that folds flat).

As the Salon article states, “accumulating scientific research indicates the chemical may be adversely affecting women’s ability to have children and children’s reproductive health. Recent studies link bisphenol A to obesity, breast and prostate cancer, and neurological disorders.”


Let me just highlight – adversely affectingchildren’s reproductive health. Also linked to obesity and cancer

Not to be alarmist, but seriously, I would rather force my kid to eat plain old boiled round eggs rather than a cute Hello Kitty or Melody shaped egg that was put (while still hot) in a plastic container with Bisphenol-A in it. Talk about perfect conditions for leaching chemicals into food.

Hello, Aren’t I cute? But really I am Evil Kitty, here to make you FAT *evil kitty laughter*

Bisphenol-A products don’t need to be boiled in order to leach – some leaching will happen even without extreme temperatures, which is why a lot of overseas mothers are refusing even to allow babies to use bottles, pacifiers or any product with Bisphenol-A in it.

Anyone have any links to Bento boxes and Bento accessories that are BPA free?

(I realize I’m being a total party pooper with this post…)

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