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Drowning under cardboard boxes

I have a ton of products to list, but am just not able to get there! It’s all starting to get rather out of hand, because I (literally) have more than enough to stock / products a full sized physical store right now.

Time to get the bar coding system figured out and installed I think… All those nitty gritty things that just need to be done (and aren’t half as fun as checking out the new products!!).

I’ve just managed to get the snaps and snap presses under control, so those are going to start going out to their new owners soon. Delays! Because who knew it would take so long to count out the 1,000s of snap parts!!! (ok I probably should have had the insight to prepare with a suitably sensitive weighing scale and the bags to put the counted snaps into…)

Now I really need to get the drawers and stock organized so that it’s not such a deplorable mess when customers visit the center to check out the stock. Right now a lot of it is still in boxes because I still haven’t managed to get the right storage / display facilities yet. *sigh* No time! I suppose I will have to blame it all on this pesky day job.

Not to mention the Parenthood Fair this weekend! Lordy lordy lordy….

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