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Ongoing – Parenthood Fair

Today’s the first day of the 4th Parenthood Fair at Midvalley.

It’s HUGE! This year is the biggest Parenthood Fair held in Malaysia so far – previous years there was only one Hall occupied at the Mid Valley Exhibition Center. This year there’s two!

Dumex has gone all out in Exhibition Hall 2 with a huge bouncy castle (ok it’s not a castle, it’s a germ shaped bouncy thing) and educational games.

There are also programs throughout the fair, such as babywearing how-tos, and many competitions with some great prizes.

So if you have some spare time, head over to the Exhibition Center – there are some really good deals going on for mothers, with lots of freebies.

Tiny Tapir is doing a ‘free natural Soapy Soap’ if you sign up at our booth. We’ve completely stuffed our booth full of our goodies too! (photos coming soon)

#Event #parenthoodfair

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