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Gypsy Mama Wrapsody – For all the fans of Wrap!

These Gypsy Mama Wrapsody wraps are really something else! From designs ranging from exotic, earthy to just plain pretty these wraps are a perfect blend of comfort, functionality and are aesthetically pleasing to boot.

Bali Breeze These are hand-dyed and batiked in Bali, Indonesia. They are a bit dressier than the Bali Stretch (think “blouse” vs. “t-shirt”). Though the stretch wraps are a fairly lightweight cotton, the gauze wraps are some of the lightest, coolest, most compact wraps on the market, and fold down into a handy built-in storage pocket. The gauze, like other woven wraps, offers the greatest range of carrying positions, and ma

ny find it more supportive for older children.

Available in 8 gorgeous designs with delicious names like Haumea, Iris, Morgaine and Freya!

Bali Stretch These are soft and silky — soft like your favorite T-shirt. The process of hand-dyeing and batiking removes much of the lengthwise stretch but leaves the widthwise stretch, making these super supportive and comfy for a wide range of ages. Our testers suggested that it’s a sort of “hybrid” between stretchy and woven wraps. Perfect for holding your newborn babe close to your heart!

Available in 9 pretty patterns with names like Alyssa, Isis, Hiruko and Aphrodite.

Water Wraps Gypsy Mama’s Water Wrap (TM) is one of a kind! Silky, smooth fast-drying fabric with tapered ends and narrow body make this carrier lightweight and cool. Soft, stretchy fabric feels great on the skin and is perfect for front/hip carrying, both in and out of the water. Use them at the beach, in a dinky pool or even in the shower!

Available only in black

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