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Beware of Fake Moby Wraps!

We are very concerned and disturbed about the counterfeit Moby Wraps emerging on the market recently, especially in Europe and Malaysia! The makers of the original Moby Wrap have announced to customers that they stand behind the quality of authentic Moby Wraps only, and that counterfeit product may pose a safety hazard due to inferior materials and/or workmanship.

Please purchase Moby products only through authorized distributors and wholesalers. The images above illustrate the distinct features that identify real vs. fake Moby Wraps. As the official distributor of Moby Wrap in Malaysia, we at TinyTapir are appealing to you to please notify us if at any time you suspect that counterfeit Moby Wraps are being offered for sale here.

Thanks for your assistance, and we really hope that you will not support the sale of these fake Moby Wraps @ Fauxbys – not only are they unethical, but also of questionable quality!

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