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Another special for water-less parents

If you are a cloth diapering mama or papa you are definitely feeling the water rationing effects very badly this month.

We may have a little relief for you with the GroVia Hybrid Biosoakers. Buy 2 this month and get 20% off. This will hopefully tide you over in those spots where clean cloth diapers are hard to come by until the rationing exercise ends on 31st March.

Biosoakers are disposable inserts suitable for use with any PUL cloth diaper cover (GroVia shells, Thirsties covers, Flip covers etc) – just don’t use the sticky tab if you are using a diaper cover with exposed PUL inners (it will be harder to remove the sticky).

Biosoakers are fragrance, dye, chlorine and plastic free with an ultra thin construction. They are made of 100% super soft Ingeo on-woven fibers which are renewable resource free of synthetic chemicals and preservatives. They are compostable! They also contain a minimal amount of SAP (a super absorbent polymer which absorbs a lot of liquid but also can absorb too much drying out your baby’s skin. It also releases that unique “disposable diaper smell” – a gas which is thought to contribute to childhood asthma).

Why choose a biosoaker instead of a full disposable diaper (even if it’s a compostable disposable diaper) ? Here’s why:

– Hybrid biosoakers are much smaller than disposables, so they take up less landfill space and will decompose faster

– Hybrid biosoakers only contain 3gm of SAP compared to 10 – 20gm in a disposable diaper

– Hybrid biosoakers are to be used with diaper covers / shells. So they don’t need extra ink decoration to be cute (unlike disposable diapers)!

– They don’t need the extra long sticky tabs like disposable diapers do

– Biosoakers just don’t contain as many chemicals, dyes, fragrances etc (i.e. the stuff you don’t want against your baby’s skin) as most commercial disposable diapers (with the exception of very expensive disposables like 7th Generation etc)

– Biosoakers are smaller than full diapers – therefore you can carry more in your bag with just a couple of shells. (or you could just have a smaller bag for the same number of diaper changes than if you were using full disposables)

– Less chance of a blowout than with full disposable diapers, since the cloth diaper shells are much better at containing leaks than disposables.

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