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4 Ways You Can Re-Green Planet Earth

Re-Green Planet Earth from Tiny Tapir Eco

Sometimes it feels like Bowie was right when he sang, “Planet earth is blue and there’s nothing we can do.”

But there is. We can put in a little effort and re-paint it green. Start examining the everyday stuff you take for granted, and you’ll find you can do a whole lot better by Mother Nature … easily.

1. Plastic Jungle Ever noticed how automatic plastic bag bagging is? Every purchase you make is swathed in plastic by the well-meaning cashier and the words: "I don't need a plastic bag, thanks" is ignored.

There seems to be a conspiracy to drown the world in plastic - albeit an unintentional one. I say ... FOIL their plan! REFUSE a bag! Brandish your sexy little reusable Rume shopping bag and DEMAND they use it! :

Rume bags from Tiny Tapir Eco

2. Sanitary Pads & Diapers and Menstrual Cups … Oh My! Sorry if you're having a meal right now, but let's face it, disposable sanitary pads and diapers are a gross waste (pun intended). You use them once, you chuck them out. They leak, they are expensive, and please don't get me started on the health hazards.

Way back when, it took my sister 2 years to convince me that cloth pads were the way to go, but I finally made the switch and I never went back. Since then, I've never leaked, I feel infinitely more comfortable, I’ve saved a heck of a lot of money, and I feel much less guilty in the long run. The same went for diapers when the love of my life came along … The Live Grovia Package by Tiny Tapir was a life (and environment) saver! You can find them here :

Grovia from Tiny Tapir Eco

Which leads us to my favourite controversy ... Menstrual Cups! Ladies ... strap your men down ... they need to hear this too. Men, sit down and listen. Ever heard of toxic shock syndrome? Ever dropped a (clean) tampon into water and watch it bloom up like an over-grown flower? Tampons are evil nasty chemical-laden things that leach out more fluid than your body needs to give up. As with sanitary pads, they are one-use items that ultimately end up messing up the world (seen wall-e?). From my research and recommendation at Tiny Tapir I found that Mooncup UK is a brand from the UK and is the industry leader in menstrual cups. Enter the MOONCUP world! Made from soft medical grade silicone, Mooncups are natural, safe, easy and reusable. I've used one while hiking, and even scuba diving. I’ve gone the whole day nearly forgetting it was 'that time of the month'. What a lovely feeling. You can find Mooncups here :

Here is a really cool video by Mooncup UK

3. Plastic, Plastic, Styrofoam Coffee in a paper cup, takeaway in styrofoam, iced green tea latte in a plastic cup with a plastic straw... do you feel your carbon footprint growing? I'm not one to preach, though, I'm still horribly guilty of this one, but I try. I have a set of mini portable cutlery in my bag. I try to remember to bring my collapsible tupperware or tiffin carrier out. I proudly carry my Kool Cup for my ice-blended treats, and for my hot cuppa, the Keep Cup is a must have. Since it is barista standard, I've never been forced to have my chai tea latte in a one-use takeaway cup. You can find them here:

Keepcup from Tiny Tapir Eco

4. Plastic Mineral Bottles

Every time I buy a bottle of mineral water (when I’ve forgotten my daughter’s bottle), I feel like shooting myself. More toxic plastic consumption. More clutter. More money spent on things that I didn't have to spend money on. DOH!! I’m now making it a habit to fill up my sexy Spresh bottle before leaving the house, you can get them here:

I’m thick-skinned enough to ask for a refill most places are surprisingly obliging when you have a child with you.

If I am going to have a piece of plastic it better be the only one I have and BPA free, we found the MyKoolKup by Tiny Tapir a great product that is spill free and kids can keep their treats in the same container, why didn’t someone think of this earlier :

There ARE green alternatives out there, it just takes a bit of a life adjustment (as these things do). If you really examine your life, you’ll find there are a multitude of ways to pitch in to re-green planet Earth, so as Nike encourages, ‘Just Do It’. Written by Cressa Chan

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